Chalk Art Exhibition & Kids Chalk Zone

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Organized by renowned artist Ruth Villa, the 3-D chalk art created and displayed along Surfside Drive leading to the Festival entrance is nothing short of amazing! From historic Hueneme landmarks to ocean creatures to the festival itself, the creativity of these artists lights up the street with vibrant colors and designs.

Featuring creations by Ruth and many other talented professional and aspiring artists, the chalk art will inspire scores of young attendees to try their hand at creations of their own in a special Kids Chalk Zone.

Professional Artists

Ruth Villa

Kaylee Allan

Sandra Ruiz

Sabrina Gomez

Stacy Nalapraya

Grasiela Rodriguez

Randall Williams

Julio Jimenez

Haya Cuzick

Grace Stiglich

Kate Robinson

Gloria Ing

Lysa Ashley

Tay Kenney


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