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You must experience it first-hand to truly understand – and feel – the unique nature of Cannabis Cove. As a unique and inviting feature of Hueneme Beach Festival, Cannabis Cove is a completely self-contained and secure tented attraction — and so much more.

Within Cannabis Cove, adults age 21 and older will have the opportunity to meet, greet, and connect with representatives from the Port Hueneme dispensaries who are sponsoring the Festival:

Please note that Cannabis Cove is where attendees can shop and place orders to purchase cannabis or cannabis-related products. All cannabis sales transactions and fulfillment are designated for Oceanview Pavilion — located across the street from the Festival grounds.

Traverse the Green Mile

Many of the dispensaries in the City of Port Hueneme—including those sponsoring the Hueneme Beach Festival—are located in an area known as The Green Mile. Located four miles south of the US 101 freeway and mere minutes from the sandy beaches dotting the U.S. 1 highway, this beautiful one-mile stretch of road serves as the safe, secure, scenic home to Ventura County’s legal cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, and delivery services.

Perched on the leading edge of the regulated U.S. cannabis industry, the City of Port Hueneme is committed to the safety of all who participate in the purchase and recreational use of legal cannabis. The city-monitored dispensaries located along The Green Mile are the only places where consumers can purchase carefully tested and regulated cannabis. Each dispensary must meet a rigorous certificate approval process and obtain a Conditional Use Permit — and all are required to employ only thoroughly vetted personnel, including a full-time security guard.

All along The Green Mile, cannabis sales revenue exceeded $50 million during the pandemic-challenged 2020. Area dispensaries drew more than 60,000 visitors each month, and a wide range of community partnerships have been established.

Real Roots in Port Hueneme

Roots matter — especially when your product comes from the earth. Each of the Hueneme Beach Festival’s participating cannabis dispensaries takes pride in serving as a strong corporate citizen within our community. They all possess a strong track record of not just involvement in Port Hueneme and surrounding areas but of truly giving back.

In fact, Port Hueneme dispensaries have worked hard to build bonds with local businesses, youth programs, community-based organizations, and law enforcement. Dispensaries have accounted for more than $1 million in community contributions since the inception of The Green Mile, including sizable donations to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme, Habitat for Humanity, the Ventura Audubon Society, REEL Guppies, Movies in the Park, and others.


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